DIGIEVER Central Management System (DIGIEVER CMS) is an open platform solution to centrally manage different sites of DIGIEVER NVRs in diverse vertical markets. Composed of two intelligent video software, CMS-Client and CMS-Matrix, DIGIEVER CMS can manage large-scale surveillance efficiently and effectively.

Intuitive Liveview Operation

DIGIEVER CMS can manage up to 1024 channels to fulfill different kinds of project needs by deploying DIGIEVER NVRs and DIGIEVER video wall devices.

Via Camera Group Management, Streaming Management, Dynamic E-map, Multi-channel Playback and Smart Search features, users can easily manage event situation and build suitable monitoring environment. Once an event is triggered, users can also efficiently discover related recorded videos.

With strong DIGIEVER NVR hardware design and intelligent DIGIEVER CMS, we will bring users a comprehensive surveillance management in large scale projects.

Multi-layer Dynamic E-Map

DIGIEVER CMS let users build up multi-layer E-maps where all the camera location can be indicated.

When an event is triggered, live video windows will pop out to notify security personnel for further reaction.

Combined with detailed event log, user can simply click on the event log to see recording video instantly.

Build Video Wall with CMS-Matrix

CMS-Matrix is a high scalable video wall solution designed for multiple monitors display. In addition to simultaneous monitoring up to 64CH through CMS-Client, user can extend CMS-Client with optional CMS-Matrix solution to build the video wall.

CMS-Matrix features flexible multi-monitor management that allows users to increase monitors. By installing enough display cards in PC, users can assign different jobs to each monitor.

With CMS-Matrix, the scalable video wall solution of DIGIEVER CMS, users can freely arrange camera display channel and define desired display layout on CMS-Client’s setting preview to extend suitable video wall surveillance.

Multi-channel Playback with Smart Search

The playback from DIGIEVER CMS shares with the same UI and functions from DIGIEVER NVR without additional learning effort, including 16- channel simultaneous playback, frame by frame playback, snapshot/exporting recording files, etc.

DIGIEVER CMS features Smart Search to quickly find out key video with five detection modes. After discovering desired video, users simply double click to see recording video.